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Four Wheel Drive Service and Repair

ASE Certified mechanics performing inspection on a four wheel drive vehicle

Does your 4×4 vehicle need service or repairs? Our expert technicians are here to help. We are able to repair 4WD vehicles throughout Rapid City, the Northern Black Hills, Southern Black Hills and surrounding areas.

Not sure if your 4WD vehicle needs repairs? Are you experiencing difficulty turning, vibrations underneath your vehicle, knocking, or squeaking? If so, it is time to come in and let us take care of you and your vehicle. 

Four Wheel Drive Inspection

Our expert technicians will examine your entire four wheel drive system including the differentials, hubs and the transfer case. The transfer case of the system delivers power to both the front and rear axle and the hubs helps secure the wheels and both are necessary for proper function of your 4WD system. 

Hub Service

The hubs of your 4WD system, also called locking hubs are vital to your systems performance. Without the hubs your vehicle will not be able to switch from 2WD to 4WD and visa versa. In most part time 4WD vehicles the hubs are located in the front and are exposed to the outside conditions which means they can incur damage. When damage occurs you need to come see us to ensure you are able to switch between the two driving modes properly. 

Transfer Case Repair

Your 4WD system depend on the transfer case to supply the proper torque to each axle. The transfer case is a type of gearbox that is typically behind the transmission to help your vehicle enter and maintain four wheel drive. We recommend regular transfer case inspection at intervals dependent on your vehicle and your driving style. If you are experiencing grinding noises, fluid leaks or any other problems, contact our professionals today. 

Need any car repairs?

We perform vehicle inspections, alignment and brake repairs, 4 wheel drive repair, and make sure your shocks and struts are working properly. If you need any of these things worked on, we are your shop!