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Vehicle Inspections

Brake Inspection

Coming to a complete stop is as important as being able to get up to speed. A brake system uses friction to slow and bring your vehicle to a complete stop but this friction creates a lot of heat which can wear down the brakes and the different components over time. Because of this, inspecting your brake system and its components regularly is important for your safety and overall vehicle maintenance. The two type of brake systems are drum brakes, which have brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, springs, and self-adjusters, and disc brakes which have brake pads, rotors, calipers and hydraulic components. No matter which type of brakes you have it is important to check these components to ensure proper function and safety. 

mechanic performing a brake inspection

Why and When To Inspect?

Inspecting your brake system is crucial to ensure you are driving under safe conditions. If you recognize less stopping power, noises, or grinding feeling then it is imperative you come in and get your brakes checked. However, you should still get your brakes checked based on your driving conditions and preferences. Our inspection goal is to find, diagnose and discuss any issues while recommending any repairs. Our methods and items for repair will vary case by case as every vehicle is different. Contact us to get your brake system inspected today! 

Four Wheel Drive Inspection

The purpose of four wheel drive system is to supply power to all four wheels of your vehicle at the same time. The benefits of a four wheel drive system is for better traction in snow, ice, and off-road terrain. A four wheel drive system is able to be toggled off and on in most vehicles and is comprised of differentials, hubs and the transfer case. The transfer case is what delivers power to the front and rear axles and the hubs secure the wheels in place. 

Why and When To Inspect?

The transfer cases of a four wheel drive system withstands a lot of heat and friction which can negatively affect the fluid and the mechanical components. If the fluid in your transfer cases is contaminated it will cause significant damage to the overall system. If you have faulty hubs it can lead to the inability to switch between two and four wheel drive. If you are experiencing any problems with engaging and/or disengaging your part-time four wheel drive vehicle or need a general checkup, contact us. Our team of experts will inspect the entire system as well as related systems. 

mechanics performing inspection on a four wheel drive vehicle

Wheel Alignment Inspection

A wheel alignment is when we adjust the wheels of your vehicle to be parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. The alignment of your wheels is dependent on camber, caster and toe which are specific angles of your wheels. When your wheels are unaligned it causes tire wear, poor gas milage, steering issues and suspension issues.

Why and When To Inspect?

If you experience your vehicle pulling to the left or right, vibrations in the steering wheel at high speeds or notice uneven wear on your tires you need to get your alignment inspected. 

alignment rack in the shop

Shocks and Struts Inspection

Shocks and struts are the simple devices that dampen the movement of springs, suspension and vehicle pitch. As a vehicle brakes, accelerates or corners the weight of the vehicle transfers and the attitude of the vehicle changes and the shocks and struts help make it all much more smooth. Well maintained shocks and struts will improve your safety and the safety of others. 

Why and When To Inspect?

If you experience excessive bouncing, nose dives/rear end dipping, tire cupping or leaking hydraulic fluid then that means you need your shocks and struts inspected. The life of your shocks and struts are dependent on the road conditions and the way you drive which is why we also look at your shocks and struts during every tire, brake, and alignment service. If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us so we can take care of you. 

shock and strut inspection

Need any car repairs?

We perform vehicle inspections, alignment and brake repairs, 4 wheel drive repair, and make sure your shocks and struts are working properly. If you need any of these things worked on, we are your shop!