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Vehicle Alignment Repair

Wheel Alignment

A proper wheel alignment ensures your wheels are angled correctly with the ground, pointing straight and parallel to each other. Wheel alignment will expand the lifetime of your tires, improve the handling of your vehicle and reduce stress on your suspension. Four wheel alignment is important for the life of all of your tires and suspension and is often the best choice for most vehicle owners. Two wheel alignment is still aligning your wheels but only on two wheels, usually for front wheel drive vehicles. 

truck on alignment rack

Wheel Alignment

We proudly service the Alignment needs of customers in Rapid City, SD, Northern Black Hills, Southern Black Hills, and surrounding areas.

Need any car repairs?

We perform vehicle inspections, alignment and brake repairs, 4 wheel drive repair, and make sure your shocks and struts are working properly. If you need any of these things worked on, we are your shop!